Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is designed for sales coded people to make them confident and successful through proven sales coaching techniques practiced by unstoppable Sales Professionals.

This program can also be tremendously helpful to build an inclusive sales culture in an organization by making this program mandatory for all other customer facing teams – business, product, solutions, presales, marketing and support functions in any company.

Sales coaching can cover everything from reskilling existing sales people, to onboarding new hires, to developing their skills, to agility to change and adapt with the market.

If your sales team members are facing the following challenges, then this program is for them:

  • Don't tend to listen to the customers clearly, don't understand their business problems.
  • Can't anticipate near future issues and think like a problem solver.
  • Can't deal with most common objections raised by the customers confidently.
  • Not able to identify the red flags of bad customers.
  • Not convincing enough to clearly articulate the company & solutions value proposition.
  • Lacks effective follow-up mechanism.
  • No knack to ask for the order at the right time.

This is typically one to many Workshop format with the sales and extended teams with all the key sales module covered over 2 days.
There is an optional sales managerial Program with different agenda available.