Sr. Program Description Duration | Time Target Audience
1 Career | Staff Coaching Program 4 Sessions | 2 Months Individual Contributors with < 10 years of experience
2 Leadership Coaching Program 5 Sessions | 3 Months Any work background & any no of years of experience
3 Career and Leadership Program 7 Sessions | 4 Months Any work background & any no of years of experience
4 Leadership Coaching Workshops-I Half Day | 8-6 Heads Middle Management
5 Leadership Coaching Workshops-II One Day | 8-6 Heads Middle & Senior Management
6 Leadership Coaching Workshops-III One Day | 8-6 Heads Senior Management
7 Sales Coaching Workshops 2 Days | 6-8 Heads Sales Reps & Sales Team Members
8 Sales Coaching Program 8 Sessions | 2 Months Sales Reps & Sales Team Members
9 Business Coaching Program 10 Sessions | 6 Months CEO - Small Business Enterprises & Starts Ups
10 Business Negotiations Workshops 1 Days | 6-8 Heads Middle & Senior Management
11 Performance Effectiveness Consulting - Modules Sessions / Workshops Corporate Talks, Team & Individuals
12 Corporate Advantage Mentoring - Modules Sessions / Workshops Corporate Talks, Team & Induviduals
NOTE Session = 60-90 mins, Workshops Half/One/Two Days: All programs, Sessions & Workshops are customizable to suit exact need of Client


Date Organization Location Topic Participants Profile of Participants
Feb-2014 HP India Dubai Partner Owners Conference - New Style of IT - Big Data, Mobility, Security and Cloud 175 HP India Management Team and Channel partner owners
Jan-2018 Klare Linie Company Bangalore Attitude is Everything 25 Design and Workshops Employees Meet
Aug-2018 Asian Paints Limited Bangalore Business Etiquettes 80 Asian Paints - Exclusive Store Managers
Nov-2018 Exide Insurance Bangalore Business Negotiations - Strategy & Tactics 22 High Performers from Across Departments
Jan-2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Goa Partner Marketing - Overcoming The Challenges 60 HPE India Marketing Team and Partner Marketing Heads
Apr-2019 Flo-Career Solutions Bangalore The Art of Interviewing 30 Flo-Career Management Team and Interview Experts
Dec-2019 Credit Suisse Bangalore Leadership Coaching Workshops 27 Leadership Team of Credit Suisse - Platform Services
May-2018 BNI Assessment Bangalore “Focused For Business Success” - Whether you have that laser beam focus that leads to your small business success? 45 Small Business Enterpreneurs
Jan-2020 Credit Suisse Assessment Bangalore “Test Your Leadership Potential” - Are you a born leader who motivates & influences others? 27 Senior Corporate Employees

HP India Partner Conference Dubai

Flo-Career Art of Interviewing

HPE Pro Academy Conference Goa


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