Not to worry, there is always a first time for everything and remember what Bill Gates said - Every one needs a Coach.
As far as working with a coach, you will receive personalized attention from the coach who will use impactful questions to best understand your career objectives, goals and work with you toward meeting them.
Like any other relationship, the more you put into your sessions, the more you'll get out. Those who get the best results are receptive to feedback and open to doing the work/ assignments after the session is over.
We’re happy to report that surveys show that these kinds of problems arise on less than 5% of all the problems. Nonetheless, our world-class experienced coaching team is standing by you, and is committed to resolving any issues that come our way.
After you book a Program/ Service, your coach will confirm the booking and be connected to you via email by the next business day (please keep an eye on your spam folder). Most coaches reply within 24hours. If you haven’t heard from your coach by then, just contact on the mobile phone provided.
The right fitment of exact program depends on your problems & needs. We get that your situation is unique, and it can be confusing trying to figure out what’s going to help you the most. You can go through all the programs, If you still need help figuring it out, don’t worry! You can talk directly to one of our coaches who can work with you and guide you to the right coach for you.
Once a session is completed, however you are not satisfied, we strongly recommend you express any questions, concerns or comments to your coach. In nearly all cases, your coach will be able to help you find a resolution, as long as you communicate with them.
All our practicing coaches are certified, have done hours of client coaching and each one of them offer some specific competence in their different specialisation areas.
In addition to the certifications & the number of hours of coaching done, their background with corporate / industry experience of the coach is of tremendous value. Some services offer you more time or interactions with your coach.
Typically, there are levels in Coaching, these differences are not listed anywhere.
Junior Coaches have fewer years of experience, but specialize in various areas and offer quick coaching services for junior level professionals at relatively affordable price points.
Coaches are great for mid-senior career professionals who are looking for an experienced coach to help them take the next step.
Master Coaches have the most experience, typically working with senior leaders and executives. They’ve strong business/ corporate backgrounds and experience, may have helped hundreds of clients over the years.
It depends. The average Small Business Coaching duration can last up to about 6 months. However, it can easily range from anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the situation. The more change you require, the more sessions will be needed.