Corporate Advantage Mentoring Program

People who strive hard to be successful, actually grow in the best of top Corporate Organizations!
The Corporate Advantage Mentoring Program provides powerful set of experience based guidance for individuals and teams to build long rewarding and successful corporate career.

The structured, outcomes-focused program modules guide individuals (and teams) not only to grow in the corporate jobs but also to put their careers on the fast track. They help individuals (and teams) through some very common corporate challenges they face.

Delivery Options:
  • Corporate Advantage Mentoring Program individual modules can be delivered as 45-60 mins experiential talk to the larger audience (20 – 200 people).
  • These modules can also be delivered as one-to-one session, as well as Workshop format with activities (1 to < 20 people).
  • These different modules can also be bundled / clubbed together as half a day program with activities for different formats. ( 2 modules for half a day / 4 modules for a day)
  • Depending on specific needs of the individuals / groups this program can be customized.